Tyler Grimmett - Hatmaker 

Memphis + Louie was born from my desire to bring a timeless product with a modern flare to the place I call home, Oklahoma. I found much of my inspiration in modern fashion, but nothing inspired me so much as the western influence that has always been heavily ingrained into Oklahoma culture. I wanted to provide a service unlike any other in the state, giving people the ability to express themselves through one-of-a-kind, wearable pieces of art made with the highest quality materials–timeless pieces, meant to be passed down through generations.

Hatmaking is a unique, long, and detailed process. It’s an art unlike any other, and it requires time, respect, and a steadfast dedication to meticulousness. Therefore, I take pride in the fact that I am a one-person shop. My hands are on each and every Memphis + Louie hat that goes out the door. Each hat is designed and built entirely by me, from scratch, using the finest beaver and hare fur felts, the highest quality sheepskin leather sweatbands, and the most beautiful and unique vintage ribbon on the market.

My journey as a hatmaker began solely by trial and error, with limited knowledge of the craft, but with an eagerness to acquire perfection in its techniques. I spent hours researching online, gaining skill from information I found in chat rooms, on the message boards of hat enthusiasts and collectors, and by reading a book written in 1919 on the science and art behind renovating and finishing fur felt hats. I called a handful of hatmakers around the country for tips, suggestions, and instruction in the process; I inquired into where to find the best materials. What I discovered is that most hatmakers are pretty tight-lipped with their secrets. Nevertheless, I did gain a little knowledge, and with it–along with the basic tools and materials–I made my first hat. It wasn’t great, but it was a start. 

Eventually, I had the opportunity to travel to Pennsylvania to learn side-by-side from one of the best hatmakers in the country. He taught me all of the tools, techniques, and trade secrets hatmakers have been using to make hats since the late 1800’s, and what I took away from him was a refined and in-depth knowledge of and skill in the craft. I have been building on that very foundation ever since, and today, I am proud to bring you stylish, unique, high-quality hats from Memphis + Louie.

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